"We brought our middle child to Good Samaritan Preschool when he was 4 years old after attending another pre-school on the plateau. It was a very positive move for our child and we wish we would have made the switch sooner! He never wanted to go to his former pre-school, perhaps the class size was too large or the attention wasn't there. He would cry and fight every morning. In January of that school year we made the switch to Good Samaritan and he LOVED it!! Not once did he ever complain about going in the year and a half he spent there. We were thrilled!! The warmth and quality of this school far outweighs that of any other preschool my children have attended or those that I have toured on the plateau. It is a perfect fight for our family and I would recommend them without any hesitation. Our youngest started in the 3's classroom this fall and he LOVES it too! I could not ask for a more loving, nurturing and overall perfect environment for our children's early learning education. Best preschool on the plateau!!!"
"Our children love Good Samaritan Preschool! The staff provide a very fun, loving, and safe environment where each child is made to feel special. We have seen our sons develop into two bright, confident, and social little boys who love going to school every morning and seeing their teachers and friends. Thank you for making their first school experience so wonderful!"
Ashley B
'Our daughter has been attending Good Samaritan preschool for almost a year including attending their fabulous summer camp program in 2014. We love the staff and varied curriculum, which is also perfect for kiddos with sensory sensitivities. We have had so much support and kindness here and can't recommend it enough!'
"My daughter and I love Good samaritan school so much because that everyone is so nice here. The head teacher, assistant teacher, and administrative staffs love my kid so much just like how much I do. My daughter brings projects almost every day. The head teacher sends her creative lesson plans to parents every week. I feel so thankful for finding such a great school for my little one. Well, it is hard to mention all of the great things about this school. I recommend this wonderful school to everyone who wants to find a warm learning place for his or her precious little ones." Thank you so much for everything!
This Preschool has a great history of excellence in children's education.
Steve Angelo
I have been so positively impressed by the high quality of the teachers, program and overall atmosphere at the creative kids preschool. The children enthusiastically participate in their learning experience in that nurturing environment. After 30 years in educational management and parent education, I applaud an organization that serves both the children and the parents with respect, caring and high professional standards.
Edith Harman

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